Subtly Patterned Kitchen

LOCATION: North Berkeley, Berkeley CA.

We’re a little (or a lot!) different than most interior design firms. We start each project by asking, “What can we save?-- instead of assuming we’ll start completely from scratch. This conserves valuable resources and can dramatically reduce your project budget. What can we repurpose? Reenvision? Refinish? Reupholster? Rearrange? Here, since the existing dark stained cabinets were in like-new condition, we saved tens of thousands of dollars by simply repainting them a soft, modern gray. To expand counter space and make better use of the generous square footage, we added a custom island and new quartz counters, along with a bespoke backsplash from Fireclay Tile. We took our pattern cues from the client’s art in the adjacent seating area, bringing in a new rug to reinforce the deep blue in the tile, and grounding the bright pops of color.